Aircraft Maintenance and Management Services including but not limited to:

  • Managing and providing scheduled maintenance for calendar and timed items
  • Managing and providing arrangements for unscheduled maintenance
  • Cleaning and Detailing of Aircraft
  • Managing Recurrent Training and Licensure/Certification for all contracted pilots
  • Managing International Permits and Customs arrangements for International Travel
  • Managing and Maintaining Current Liability Insurance for Aircraft and Aircraft Personnel
  • Pass Through Billing – All costs associated with aircraft will be invoiced once per month in an itemized bill. This saves time, money, and resources within your internal billing department.

Concierge Services including but not limited to:

  • Completing Hotel Reservations
  • Arranging Car Service to and from the airport
  • Providing Catering Services for in flight dining
  • Arranging detailing of vehicles left at the airport

Standard Qualifications for Contracted Pilots

  • All Pilots will meet FAA standards and requirements for a specific aircraft type
  • All Pilots will meet insurance requirements for specific aircraft type
  • Pilots will be trained in full motion simulators for recurrent training every 6 -12 calendar months at highly accredited facilities

In addition to meeting FAA standards all contracted pilots will be held to a high standard of customer service and providing for an exceptional client experience